On Tuesday evening a rumor broke that Marvel is working on a New Warriors television series that would feature Squirrel Girl in a lead role. While there has been some buzz from various actresses interested in playing Squirrel Girl over the past few months, the New Warriors is an interesting place for her to land.

You may know all about Squirrel Girl from her current ongoing by Ryan North, Erica Henderson and Rico Renzi, but if you're less familiar with the New Warriors, we've put together a Crash Course for you.

The New Warriors were created in 1989 by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, and are traditionally a team comprised of industrialist millionaire Night Thrasher, human rocket Nova, microwave-powered mutant Firestar, telekinetic do-gooder Justice, and bundle of kinetic energy Speedball. In their first appearance they teamed up to defeat Terrax The Tamer and went onto be one of the bright spots of early '90s Marvel.


Civil War


You may be familiar with the New Warriors from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Civil War, because they kinda caused it. While filming a reality show, they took on villains beyond their pay grade, and the supervillain Nitro took out a large chunk of Stamford, Connecticut. This led to the passage of the Super Human Registration Act, and the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America over whether heroes should have to register.

For a long time thereafter, the name New Warriors was a dirty word in the Marvel Universe, but it was reclaimed by a group of depowered mutants led by Night Thrasher's brother and Jubilee. Then there was a new incarnation of the team that featured classic characters like Speedball and Justice alongside new creations such as Sun Girl and Haechi.




Squirrel Girl's presence on the team would be a bit strange, as she's never been a member before, but perhaps Marvel considers her a safer prospect in an ensemble line-up, and New Warriors a better brand than her old team the Great Lakes Avengers. It has been established that Squirrel Girl has a crush on New Warriors member Speedball, but that's a loose plot point to hang a show on!

The New Warriors show is still just a rumor right now, but it is an interesting one. It'll be interesting to see if anything comes of itm and if Marvel capitalizes with another new New Warriors series anytime soon.


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