It's difficult for creators of original comics work to get noticed in this industry, especially with the dominance of the two big superhero publishers. We try to balance that where we can, especially with features like our weekly new releases spotlight Best Comic Books Ever (This Week), our Kickstarter Q&A Back Pages, our readers' guide series Should I Be Reading...?, and other regular and irregular features. But we can always do more.

If you're an independent or small press comic creator, there are ways that you can help us. Here are a few suggestions for ways we can work together to cover your book.


Providing four, five, or more story pages from your comic --- lettered or unlettered, either in time for final orders, or a few days ahead of publication --- is an easy way for you to promote your work, and great content for us. (If you're working through a publisher, talk to them to get a list of key dates for your book.)

Exclusive previews are preferred. First issues or jumping-on points are strongly preferred.


We love behind-the-scenes stuff. That can include sketchbook pages, character designs, the stages of a cover, process videos, world-building notes, research breakdowns, issue commentary, and even music playlists (with accompanying notes).

If you have any original or out-there ideas about how to highlight the creative process, pitch them! If it helped you make your comic, there's a chance it can help us sell your comic.


You can let us know if you're available for interviews, but please be aware that we do not have the resources to accept every request. On occasions when an in-depth interview isn't possible, we might be able to do a shorter Q&A or something in another format, as with our Back Pages feature for crowdfunding, or our Sketchbook Spotlight feature for artists accepting convention commissions.

We're also always developing new formats, such as creator-made reading lists built around specific themes, personal top five lists, or discussions of creators' artistic influences.


Please note that we do not guarantee coverage if you get in touch, especially if we do not think your work is a good fit for our audience.



If your publisher usually handles all press relations, please speak to them before reaching out to us!

Anything you send us for publication must be submitted on the understanding that it can remain on our site in perpetuity.

Landmarks matter. First issues, major turning points, and new arcs are worth promoting because they're easy places for readers to join your story.

If your publisher uses FOC (final order cutoff) dates, be aware of them! Those are the last days that comic shops can advance order your book. Promoting your book around launch day is great, but you need to get the buzz building before FOC to get the orders in.

Exclusives matter. We're more likely to run exclusive content, even if it's only exclusive for a few days. For art, we like to have it first (and we will usually watermark it unless we're asked not to). For text, we actually must have it first for it to have value.

All of this advice is presumably just as applicable to other comics and entertainment sites. We want to be part of your success, but we can't do it all, so we encourage you to spread the love around. But you can give us your best stuff.



If you have the e-mail address for the editor or writer that you want to reach, you are strongly advised to contact them directly.

If you don't have an established relationship, please send an e-mail to Put the word 'COVERAGE REQUEST' in the subject line in all caps, along with the name of the book or project you wish to promote. Please only send requests for coverage for works that your formally represent.

Please do not try to get in contact via social media.



It is our policy to avoid conflicts of interest wherein a paid contributor has a financial relationship (personal or professional) with a subject they are covering. Where such conflict proves unavoidable, we will always disclose the relationship to our readers.