Hey, have you heard about these "Internet Webbed-Comics"? They're like comic books, but on the Information Super-Highway, and they seem to be all the rage with the kids these days. So much so, in fact, that Crunchyroll is hoping that holds true for their new line of original manga, which is set to kick off with Hiroyuki Takahashi and Patrick Macias' Hypersonic Music Club.

Set to launch this Friday, January 30, Hypersonic Music Club will tell the story of "a group of young cyborgs [who] must battle the extra-dimensional monster girls for final control of the enigmatic force known only as…The Mystery Frequency," and that's exactly the combination of manga weirdness and Jack Kirby bombast that gets me interested in checking it out. I mean, really: You had me at extra-dimensional monster girls.


HYPERSONIC music club, Hiroyuki Takahashi


While Crunchyroll has published digital manga for quite some time now using a subscription service that gives users access to books like Attack on Titan, Hypersonic Music Club represents the first time that they've published an original manga, and it's set to be the first of an entire line.

No announcements have been made about what's coming next, but series artist Takahashi will provide two full-color pages of Hypersonic Music Club per month, along with additional content like character profiles.

For more, check out Crunchyroll or hit up the official tumblr for additional art.

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