Webcomics: Artists Kevin Mellon and John Bivens have launched Forest For the Trees, a new weekly webcomic that forces each creator to respond to the other's work on the fly, unaware of what's coming next. [Forest For the Trees]

Museums: An adult-sized catbus replica from My Neighbor Totoro is coming to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan in June. It won't cruise the streets or the skies, but will seat grownups as a display. [ANN]

Tech: Japanese anime and drama-streaming service Crunchyroll has officially gone mobile with iOS and Android app options capable of full-fledged simulcasts. [Crunchyroll]

Indie: Nathan Bulmer mashes up Chris Ware and Peanuts for his Eat More Bikes daily online anthology. [Boing Boing]

Art: If Dan Hipp's latest art piece were the plot of this summer's Captain America: The First Avenger, I'm not sure even purists would mind. [Mr. Hipp]

Toys: A ninja warrior in a mech, in another mech for around $90 USD. Must. Have. It. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Street Fighter X Tekken seems like it'll have all the right moves on the Capcom side, but will 3D fighter fans dig the crossover? [Topless Robot]

Prints: I had a buddy who worked in a Big Dogs outlet for awhile in college -- this store overflowing with dog-based pop culture parody shirts. Chet Phillips' new "The Canine Transformation Anomaly" (a.k.a.-The Big Bark Theory) art print will probably resonate much better with CA readers. [ChetArt]

Papercraft: You'll probably have to be a sorcerer to properly assemble this papercraft scale model of the house from Kiki's Delivery Service, but the results seem worth the painstaking effort, don't they? [Tomopop]

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