Despite a successful comic series wrapping in January and a major motion picture slated for an April 16 release, "Kick-Ass" hasn't seen much merchandise yet. There've been posters and some apparel, but nothing as substantial as action figures, statues or other 3-D rendered likenesses.

As Superpunch points out, that's all changed thanks to the papercraft wizards at Cubeecraft.

It's not quite as durable as a traditional action figure, but depending on the quality of your paper and printer, you can do a whole lot worse than a papercraft depiction of the terribly misguided hero. Another plus? It'd be a snap to add your own "battle damage" with the help of a red Sharpie or two. Or, if you're really getting crazy, you could even use the template to construct a Kick-Ass made from cut up comics. How meta would that be?

Now I just want a papercubed Big Daddy, Hit Girl and The Red Mist to go with him.

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