Cullen Bunn's workload at Marvel is growing. With successful runs on Venom and Wolverine under his belt, and the highly anticipated Fearless Defenders coming next year, Bunn is quickly becoming a favorite among Marvel readers. As such, Marvel has very good news for fans of the Sixth Gun co-creator, as the publisher has informed ComicsAlliance that Bunn will be writing Ultimate Comics Wolverine, a four issue miniseries featuring art by Ramon Rosanas and covers by Art Adams. You can check out Adams' cover to issue #1 after the cut, along with a few words from Bunn, who says there's a side to this story that, for him, is "very personal."

Bunn on writing Wolverine's son in the Ultimate universe:

"In terms of a great comic book story, Jimmy Hudson offers the best of both worlds. He's the son of Wolverine, so he has a pedigree and a rich history to draw upon. At the same time, though, there's quite a bit of mystery surrounding his origins. With this series, I have the chance to play those two elements--the pedigree and the mystery--off one another. Once this story is told, Jimmy will have a better understanding of where he came from and a clearer vision of where he's going.

"But there's a side to this story that's very personal for me. While plotting and writing this series, there are some elements that have really resonated with me. So much of this story hinges on Jimmy's relationship with a mother and father he never knew... and the mother and father who raised him. That's a story that, for various reasons, hits me where I live.

"I'm also getting the chance to do some things in this mini-series that will impact the status quo of the Ultimate Universe. It's nice to know what happens in this book will have some lasting effects on the character and on the stories to be told in the future."

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Issue #1 of Ultimate Comics Wolverine will be in stores March 2013.

Ultimate Comics Wolverine #1 (of 4)


Cover by ART ADAMS

Variant cover by AXEL TORVENIUS

• Jimmy Hudson's quest to discover the answers about his past begins here!

• What mission was Wolverine on that led to the birth of Jimmy?

• A story that will rock the Ultimate Universe's family tree forever!

32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

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