Optimus Prime, Optimus Primal, Big Convoy - whatever you want to call him, the leader of the Autobots (and, okay, sometimes the Maximals and sometimes some other factions) has transformed into many different vehicles and beasts over the years, but his latest transformation into The Fonz might be his strangest yet.

Alright, he's not quite as cool as the formerly youthful Henry Winkler, but custom toy maker Jin-Saotome's reinterpretation of Optimus Prime is nonetheless pretty darn great. It's hard to say what his alt mode is - it's a question that the inventor even asks himself - but who needs the ability to transform when you've already got the coolest leather jacket on the block?

Jin-Saotome has written some background information about the Prime custom, but you don't have to rely on his continuity if you want to purchase the figure for yourself on eBay. But time is running out, so get your bids in quick before Prime jumps the shark - if he hasn't done so already![Source: Toy Cutter]

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