While The Avengers are out saving the world and the Batman is off fighting Superman, The Walking Dead has steadily become one of the most successful comic book adaptations on our screens today. Against all odds, the little zombie comic that could rose up the sales charts and eventually became a multimedia phenomenon.

Of course, it all comes back to the creators --- in this case Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, who began collaborating over a decade ago in their hometown of Cynthiana, Kentucky. This past weekend the two creators were honored by their hometown with a day dedicated to The Walking Dead, and the unveiling of a new welcome sign proudly proclaiming the book's local roots.

According to a news report from Kentucky.com, the idea for the event stemmed from a Walking Dead mural by artist Sergie Odeith that began to attract attention and visitors to the town. To mark Walking Dead Day, Cynthiana was overrun by volunteers dressed up as zombies as local businesses took part in the celebrations.



Perhaps the highlight of the event was the unveiling of a new road sign at the Cynthiana city limits proclaiming the city to be the home of The Walking Dead, and the hometown of its creators, Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. There was also a special Walking Dead variant cover available featuring the town of Cynthiana, to commemorate the day.

Moore and Kirkman were locked in a vicious legal battle for most of 2012, with Moore claiming he was tricked into signing away interest in the Walking Dead property in 2005. The case was settled later that year in what was described as an "amicable agreement," and in the following years the two creators seem to have patched things up and renewed their friendship.


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