Just in time for the Mega Man's (or Rockman, as he's known in Japan) 25th anniversary, Bandai is bringing the classic version of the hero, his robo dog Rush and a Metall/Met into its D-Arts line of articulated action figures. Set for release in Japan in early 2013, the figure will stand 105 mm (a little more than four inches) tall and retail for ¥3,675 (about $47 USD). Following in the footsteps of a few versions of Mega Man X, Zero and the villainous Vile, Classic Mega Man will come equipped with a few swappable faces, hands and arms, plus attachable energy blast accessories. Articulation and accessory-wise, this Mega Man action figure hits something of a sweet spot between Kotobukiya's recent model kit and the '90s animated series MM figures from Bandai (or, I guess the Jazwares figures from a few years back). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Rush will be able to transform into a flying skateboard. You can take a look at more images of D-Arts Mega Man, Rush and Met after the jump.

[Via Toy Ark]

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