Coinciding with today's release of the Tron: Legacy original motion picture soundtrack, MTV has premiered a music video for "Derezzed" by Daft Punk. The track was released as part of a promotional blitz earlier in the season, which came with previews of Tron-related comic books from Marvel and Disney Books and a video montage of Tron: Legacy clips that included Daft Punk as they appear in the film. As it turns out, that was just a tease, and "Derezzed" has inspired a fully produced music video.

In the clip, which we suspect was directed by Daft Punk themselves, the French house music duo enter Flynn's arcade to play a game of "Derezzed," whose machine is modeled after the Tron cabinet seen in the original film (even the original Tron logo font is replicated). We're then transported not to the world of Tron: Legacy, but rather the spartan virtual landscape of the classic Tron, where two programs joust to the exciting sounds of Daft Punk. The video features a cameo by someone who's become near and dear to the hearts of Tron fans. Also, one of the programs looks an awful lot like a Tronified Batman.

Check it out after the jump.

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