Video: In this week's Fresh Ink! Online host Blair Butler and writer Mark Andreyko review Green Lantern, Batwoman, Legion Lost, Demon Knights, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Pigs, Mystery Men, Optic Nerve, Criminal and Archie: The Married Life. [FIO]

Education: Frank Santoro is offering ten students an eight-week correspondence course in creating comics for $500. [Robot6]

Upcoming: DC sent us this The Fury of Firestorm promo. What do you think it means? [DC]

Threads: Adventure Time fans will be pleased to see two new Threadless tees in the site's new batch of merch. [Threadless]

Art: Michael De Pippo's gig posters for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are a Muppety delight. [DWL]

TV: A new promo for The Walking Dead season two promises more of that zombie-killing stuff folks seem to like. [io9]

Creators: Tom Wilson Sr., creator of Ziggy, passed away at the age of 80 last Friday. The strip will continue under his son, Tom Wilson Jr. [PRweb]

Fashion: Ever wondered how long it takes to make a Daft Punk helmet? Try four months. [io9]

Toys: DC Direct is bringing back its line of "Just-Us-League of Stupid Heroes" toys outfitting MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman in JLA outfits with Superman, Aquaman and Green Arrow set set for release on April 4. [TNI]

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