Daniel Acuña is ridiculously talented. These unlettered preview pages from the upcoming Sam Wilson: Captain America #1, with writer Nick Spencer, are a testament to that truth, which probably ought to be acknowledged more --- though the fact that Acuña has been selected for such a prime gig as the new Captain America book is also a pretty good indicator of where he stands in the industry. Daniel Acuña is very, very good.

This is the second time that former Falcon Sam Wilson has kicked off his own solo series, and while last time around it was Stuart Immonen on pencils, there's little higher praise I could give than to say that Acuna's high style, expressive, posterized art makes him a worthy successor. There's so much life in these pages that I can almost hear the soundtrack.

It's also worth noting that these pages provide some good news for D-Man fans; dear old Demolition Dunphy seems to have made a welcome comeback. (Was he dead before? Probably.) There's also bad news for Misty Knight fans, as she seems to be in this book and not headlining her own solo title elsewhere in the Marvel Universe. Then again, Misty should be in all books, so we'll take it as a win.


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Here's the solicitation for the book, launching mid-October:


Variant Covers by DANIEL ACUÑA (AUG150800) and JOHN CASSADAY (AUG150799)
Hip Hop Variant by MAHMUD ASRAR (AUG150801)
Cosplay Variant by EDDIE NEWSOME (AUG150798)
FOC – 09/21/15, On-Sale 10/14/15
This October, Captain America takes up the shield once more. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at SAM WILSON, CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 – the explosive new series from Nick Spencer (Ant-Man) and Daniel Acuña (Uncanny Avengers)! When Steve Rogers was restored to his natural age, he chose only his closest and most trusted ally to take up the mantle of Captain America. Now, as the Marvel Universe charges forward into a new age, the Avenger formerly known as the Falcon stands proud as the one and only Captain America! Yet eight months have passed, and these two former friends now find themselves on opposite sides. What could have happened to divide them? More importantly – who will you stand with? New friends, new foes, and a new beginning for Sam Wilson this October in SAM WILSON, CAPTAIN AMERICA #1!


Check out the many variant covers for the issue as well:


Mahmud Asrar
John Cassaday
Daniel Acuña
Eddie Newsome


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