Have we told you we like Marvel's new Daredevil comic book? In particular, we're extremely fond of series artist Paolo Rivera, whose art you've seen lots in CA's Best Art Ever (This Week) feature and in the Hitler-punching Captain America: The First Avenger poster. Rivera's work on Daredevil has been superlative as he and writer Mark Waid reclaim the sonar-guided superhero from the noir realm in which he'd lived for decades. In Rivera's hands, the book has not only been a revival of the "fun" Marvel Comic Book, it's also been a master class in crisp, clever storytelling and elegant draftsmanship.

On sale in March, Daredevil #10 pits Matt Murdock against the Mole Man. Rivera's illustrated the cover in wood cut style, and you can take a look at how in the time-lapse video below.

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