Cecil Castellucci, noted young adult novelist of such books as Boy Proof and Tin Star is also renowned for her music career with the band Nerdy Girl, and for her exemplary graphic novels such as The PLAIN Janes. Next year, Castellucci will team with artist Jose Pimienta for a depression-era graphic novel of self-discovery titled Soupy Leaves Home, to be published by Dark Horse.

Announced today via Publisher's WeeklySoupy Leaves Home tells the story of Pearl “Soupy” Plankette, who runs away from an abusive household and lives life on the streets disguised as a boy, taken under the wing of an experienced drifter named Remy “Ramshackle” Renault as they work their way from boxcar to boxcar trying to get to California.

“When you write stories, you are a bit of a time traveler." says Castellucci in the official press release. "When you write for young people you are often going to a time and place with them for the first time, which is beyond exciting. I knew that during the Depression, many young people took to the rails, and train travel and hobo signs have always fascinated me.

"In Soupy Leaves Home, I wanted to write about a girl who feels as though her whole world is shut down, by the time she lives in, the family she has, the gender that she is, until she abandons her old self and finds a new secret world that opens up to her and shows her the way through her own depression.”

Soupy Leaves Home will be released April 17th 2017 from Dark Horse.


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