Fans were stoked when Boom! announced a reasonably-sized four-issue "Darkwing Duck" miniseries back in March, but today's news that Boom! is taking The Terror That Flaps In The Night monthly should have soon-to-be DW readers ready to party like it's 1991.

Written by Boom! editor Ian Brill with art by James Silvani (who's art we got an exclusive first look at back in April), the series is still on track to hit stores June 16, only instead of stopping at the end of its initial four-issue arc, "The Duck Knight Returns," the adventures of St. Canard's most daring vigilante will just keep up on getting dangerous.

Here's how Brill broke it down in Boom!'s official press release:

"The fan response for Darkwing Duck has been amazing!" says Brill. "The fans wanted more, so we'll give them more! Not just more issues but more adventure and more humor. After the first story, which will have big changes for Darkwing and family, we're going to take the readers on an even crazier ride!"

Check out samples from the upcoming series after the jump.

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