When Darwyn Cooke draws women, he may not always use the same sensibilities as the J. Scott Campbells or Todd McFarlanes of the world, but his secret art powers lie in his vintage charm. The "The New Frontier" creator has years of convention sketches floating around in the wild, and if you're lucky enough to have one, you may be aware that he can make almost any character concept look like an instant classic.

Whether he's putting a smile on Wonder Woman, flashing Black Cat's pearly whites or putting a gun in Princess Leia's hand, Cooke stirs up danger and elegance like a good martini and always leaves his artwork looking like something you can take home to your parents. Super Punch, Almost Darwin Cooke's Blog and ComicArtFans.com all have pristine examples posted of what the guy is capable of, and each of them is worth your wandering clicks.

For now, though, have a look at a few of our favorite Cooke poses in the gallery below.

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