Back in February we wrote a completely sincere, non-hyperbolic post about why Dustin Ngyuen was too awesome, detailing how his constant stream of new and routinely excellent artwork was making it difficult to compile the ComicsAlliance series Best Art Ever (This Week). The same can now be said of Dave Bullock, who produces beautiful commissions, covers and other work at a rate so high that it's become genuinely hard to keep track of what we've posted before and what we have coming up in future Best Art Evers.

As such, we've found ourselves with no choice but to dedicate a whole post (the second whole post, actually, since we already had to do this once before) to the beautiful work of Dave Bullock.

Bullock is well known to comics art collectors and the denizens of artist alley, but he's worked mainly as a storyboard artist and director on such impressive titles as Justice League: The New Frontier, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Justice League and more. In comics, Bullock's produced covers and illustrated short stories like the standout Deadman piece from Wednesday Comics.

On sale now is a new sketchbook by Bullock featuring recent work, including stuff not seen on ComicsAlliance. You can check out a video preview below and order the $10 book by emailing Bullock directly.

To keep up to date with Bullock and his work, just bookmark his DeviantArt gallery or stay tuned to Best Art Ever (This Week).

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