Dave Palumbo can paint a dragon with the best of them. The oil painter is often tapped to illustrate fantasy book covers, and it's easy to see why. He has a strong sense of light and knows his way around the anatomy of monsters and mythical beasts. But his best paintings are the ones with a touch of horror to them: hands grasping from the dark, women with blank eyes, bodies stumbled across in the woods, Elder gods, men who can no longer control their own actions. But then again, he also paints a mean Legend of Zelda scene.
Magic: The Gathering players may recognize some of Palumbo's paintings, and he's also painted designs for Dark Horse, Tor Books, Night Shade Books, Ace Books and Spectrum. You can see more of his fantasy artwork on his blog, deviantART gallery and portfolio site, or, for something a little NSFW, you can also check out his paintings of nudes.

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