TV: The Walking Dead's season two premiere on October 16 will be 90 minutes, but the season itself will have a slow march in two sections. The first six eps will air in the weeks following the premiere with the rest to resume February 12 and its following Sundays. [AMC]

Gaming: DC Universe Online's "Fight for the Light" DLC goes live on September 6. Will you be harnessing willpower or fear? [Kotaku]

Upcoming: IDW's got a new Magic: The Gathering comic in the pipeline, which will come packed with exclusive cards. [IDW]

Art: Dan Hipp's beefy Buzz is the action figure I wish I owned five of. [Mr. Hipp]

Gaming: Sucker Punch and Sony have released a new cutscene teaser for the vampire-ified Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, coming in October. [Joystiq]

Movies: Tony Moore's poster for the horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is as awesome as you'd expect. [MTV Splash Page]

Robots: Original Mobile Suit Gundam mechanical designer Kunio Okawara has created Basama Robo, a mascot for Japan's Minami Uonuma City. [ANN]

Art: Amy Mebberson's Doctor Who/Muppets mashup is a group shot for the ages. [Neatorama]

Art: This isn't quite what I imagined when I read "What if Wolverine and Cyclops switched powers?" but it is delightful just the same. [Blastr/ThoughtFaucet]

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