Marvel Studios' "Runaways" isn't the only comic book movie that looks to have snapped up a director. According to one report, a certain Top Shelf adaptation is close to securing a "State"-ly director. One could make the argument that the choice represents a "Role Model" of success. If hired, it could be one heck of a "Wet Hot American Summer."

Enough of my terrible jokes. Here's the punch line - David Wain of "The State," "Stella," "The Ten," "Role Models" and plenty of other hilarious endeavors is reportedly in line to direct "Too Cool To Be Forgotten," based on the Top Shelf graphic novel by Alex Robinson. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" producer Anthony Bregman previously picked up the rights and is producing the movie.

The folks over at Pajiba are speculating about the possible actors Wain could bring on board - Paul Rudd and Michael Ian Black, for instance - but in all honesty, I'm just excited that Wain has seemingly picked his next project. All the better that it's "Too Cool To Be Forgotten." Let's see how this one plays out, but if Wain does indeed sign on for "Too Cool," the movie will really live up to its title.[Source: Pajiba]

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