Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon's digital-only magazine Double Barrel debuts this Wednesday on Comixology, iBooks, iVerse, the Top Shelf app and other eBook sources, delivering 122 pages of comic book content and more for $1.99. CA contributor Matt Wilson spoke at length with the Cannon non-brothers just last week, who explained that their first -- and most massive -- foray into 12 months of serialized digital comics is meant to appeal to the cliffhanger sensibilities of classic pulps while also delivering unique standalone content. For a taste of this content, Top Shelf Productions has provided CA with nine preview pages from Double Barrel #1, including three from Zander's Heck story, and six from Kevin's Crater XV. Are you ready to open a gate to Hell/behold a dagger made from frozen poo? Well, are you?! Take a peek into the bombastic first issue of Double Barrel after the jump.Here's how Double Barrel Mag describes itself:

DOUBLE BARREL is a digital-only magazine that you can download on the cheap from Comixology, iBooks, iVerse, the Top Shelf app, and pretty much anywhere else you can get ebooks. During this 12-issue run we'll serialize two complete graphic novels: HECK, by Zander Cannon, and CRATER XV, by Kevin Cannon.

Plus we'll have lots of other content from us and some of our favorite creators.

You can check out nine pages from Double Barrel #1 below.

[Click Pages to Enlarge]

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