DC Collectibles officially fleshed out its 3.75" action figure plans at San Diego Comic-Con last night, displaying more than a dozen Lantern toys brawling atop a scale model of Oa's Central Power Battery. Joining the SDCC exclusive Kyle Rayner and Kilowog two-pack figures in the display were toys of Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, Larfleeze, Atrocitus, Hannu, Saint Walker, John Stewart, Tomar Re, Bleeze, Soranik Natu and Isamot Kol. According to the back of of the Rayner/Kilowog two-pack box, Stewart and Atrocitus are the next two-pack in line and are "coming soon." The DCC booth also packed a display of several New 52 Justice League Figures taking on Parademons, plus a full display of the MAD "Just-Us" League of Stupid Heroes and their Legion of Dumb foes toys. Take a look at DC Collectibles' SDCC 2012 booth setup after the jump.

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