Back in June DC Comics took its first step toward a more digital future by releasing a signature digital comics sales app via comiXology on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. Today, as reported by DC's The Source, the publisher is taking its branding even further with a DC Comics online storefront powered by comiXology that further emphasizes DC's digital convergence at home and on the go. What's more, the new site is stocked with freshly digitized versions of classics like Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns along with free first issues of established series like The Authority to give new readers a convenient starting point.While DC's new digital storefront itself doesn't seem to be a huge shift from its existing setup at Comics by comiXology, an emphasis on publisher-specific branding and a slate of high profile digital releases is a solid approach to getting new eyes into the DCU.

DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee sums up the benefits of the new system at The Source:

"We¹re thrilled today to announce the opening of our brand new DC Comics storefront. What does the latest development to our ongoing Digital Publishing Initiative mean for you, the ever-devout DC Comics fan? Well, for one--it¹s going to allow you all the ability to purchase and download comics from your desktop and laptop computers from our very own website. And because we want to make the purchasing, storage and management of your comics digital library as easy and convenient as possible, we¹ve made sure that our storefront is powered by comiXology which means if you buy a DC digital comic like the chartbusting Death of Superman on your Mac or PC at home, you can read the very same series on-the-go using your iPhone, iPad or laptop using our DC app without paying any a penny more or creating any new logins. Or vice versa."

Aside from The Dark Knight Returns and The Death of Superman story arcs, Lee also hails the digital release of Identity Crisis and Superman: For Tomorrow, plus titles such as Transmetropolitan, The Invisibles and 100 Bullets.

What's interesting about these selections is the fairly balanced number of releases from DC proper, Vertigo and the now shuttered Wildstorm. Of the eight items specifically mentioned in DC's announcement, four are from DC proper (three if you don't count TDKR, as it's an "Elseworlds" story) while three are from Vertigo and one is from Wildstorm. Despite whatever restructuring shakeups have occurred at the publisher in recent months, this balance sends a message about the kind of audience DC thinks or hopes will be attracted to spending money in the digital space at this point in time.

DC didn't list content pricing in its announcement, but it's likely that the $1.99 per issue precedent established on comiXology will stay in place in its new online storefront.

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