When I first learned of the Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales' hard-boiled "First Wave" premise, I was keen on the idea of a pulpish world where relatively non superpowered heroes could congregate in their own unique continuity, but I had to wonder if that'd result in tamer threats. Thanks to a new preview of "First Wave" #1, I can happily say that those concerns have been obliterated.

The Source has an extensive preview of the book, which arrives in stores on Wednesday, March 3 and the results could very well be your cup of tea.

The preview pages are packed with Doc Savage, Batman and The Spirit action, but my favorite image from the preview thus far has to be the above hulking mecha Frankenstein in the jungle (my apologies to Morales for sullying his work with my brand of childish humor).

I'll go out on a surfer dude limb with a terrible pun and say that if there's more magic like this on the horizon, I'll be "on board" to catch DC's "First Wave."

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