According to a new licensing announcement, DC Comics will soon be teaming up with Sanrio for a new collection of merchandise featuring Hello Kitty suiting up as DC's finest, including Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

With the success of Marvel's on-going collaboration with tokidoki, it's no surprise that DC has decided to team up with the international spokeskitten of cute for a full line of apparel, accessories, toys, and more.

Hello Kitty is no stranger to cosplay, as she's built up a rather impressive collection of costumes over the years, including Rei & Asuka from Evangelion, Chopper from One Piece, and even as her own superhero (aptly named Super Cute). As undeniably popular and cute as Hello Kitty is, I'm really hoping that Hello Kitty will include her friends in the DC Comics costume fun, because come on -– Badtz Maru dressed up as Batman is a no-brainer.

The collection is set to debut (and destroy my savings account) in 2014, but I'm crossing my fingers for a teaser at San Diego Comic-Con.

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