We can officially stop calling the cosmic lurker that's been popping up in every "New 52" book since the end of Flashpoint "The hooded lady in pink/red/purple." According to DC Comics' The Source blog, "Her name is Pandora." That's all DC is saying so far, meaning it's up to fans to continue searching for clues about her identity and what it might mean for the fabric of reality. CA contributor John DiBello kicked around a few possibilities regarding just who and what the character might be early in the game, but it seems increasingly unlikely that Pandora is a character fans have seen before, unless either the obscure Pandora Pann is getting a revival or Pandora Radio has unorthodox product placement plans.Back in November, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani presented one possible I.D. for Pandora in the pages of their self-contained Tiny Titans title. In their world, Ambush Bug used the costume as an opportunity to explain the concept of continuity (and why it's sometimes best to stop worrying and love the bomb, so to speak). Something tells me that scenario isn't in the cards for DC's main line, however.

Check out a full image of Pandora below:

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