While Grace Belancik (a.k.a. DeviantArt user RocketGirluvsUkitake) flies her comic book fan flag all year long, this Halloween she's letting her colors shine in full force with a full lineup of multi-food jack-o'-lanterns bearing the emblems of DC Comics' lantern corps.

Belancik took a trip to a pumpkin farm and a local grocer to obtain her base materials. Her foodie emotional spectrum consists of a white pumpkin (White Lantern Corps), a red kuri squash (Red Lantern Corps), a pumpkin (Orange Lantern Corps), a spaghetti squash (Sinestro Corps), an apple gourd (Green Lantern Corps), a Hubbard squash (Blue Lantern Corps), a blueberry (Indigo Lantern Corps), a red onion (Star Sapphire Corps), and an eggplant (Black Lantern Corps).

After obtaining a pantry full of goods, Belancik told us how she got to work:

"I found each logo online and simplified them to stencil form and printed them. I opened and cleaned out each pumpkin/squash, taped each stencil to the proper fruit and used a push-pin to transfer the pattern. I then used a pumpkin carving kit to cut out each logo. Some fruits were easier to carve than others - the green one had really hard skin that made it almost impossible to carve. For indigo I just used a marker - a blueberry is impossible to carve."
Take a look at Belancik's mostly edible -- and all awesome -- power battery carvings below:

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