Already high on the list of "if I could move to anywhere" places for its beautiful landscapes, excellent weather, and exotic wildlife, Australia has given superhero fans another reason to emigrate: official DC Comics license plates. Click after the cut to check out the options for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Supergirl, all of which will only enhance the beauty of Australia.This set of officially produced, Australia-only DC Comics license plates has demonstrated two undeniable truths: the coolest cars in the world are driving around in Australia, and the redesigned visages of the DC superheroes in the publisher's New 52 have yet to propagate in the broader culture. As can be seen in the set produced by Vic Roads Custom Plates in cooperation with Warner Bros., the images of the DC characters that will be seen on Australian vehicles come November 30 are their more classic, brightly colored idioms. Indeed, the illustrations are taken directly from the DC Comics Style Guide circa 1982, drawn by the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano, whose influence defined (and apparently continue to define) the aesthetics of the DC brand across countless pieces of merchandise for decades hence. Some examples follow:

Perhaps the day will come when a collared Superman or briefless Batman will decorate our automobiles, but for now our Australian readers can enjoy these handsome options from Vic Roads Custom Plates. They're available as an upgrade to the existing Australian plates and cost $195 each. There are also Looney Tunes versions!

[Thanks to CA reader Dhiram]

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