As everybody and their mother knows, the DC Comics relaunch is in full swing, and the publisher has put a lot of money where their mouths are in order to promote the books to a wider audience, including TV commercial spots. As Heidi MacDonald at The Beat has noted, they've also begun market research through the Nielsen Company with an online survey for readers and retailers that allows you to rate each book in the new 52. Well, each book plus a mystery title called "Nerak," which we suspect is "Karen" backwards. (Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger, perhaps?)

The results to the survey will be announced next year at the ComicPRO and Diamond Summit for retailers, and will likely be treated as very significant indicators. If you'd like to make your opinion part of those considerations, head on over. As Heidi notes, this sort of research is likely something that DC shelled out quite a bit of cash on, and we'll be very curious to see the data when all is said and done.(Below is a retro DC survey we found while googling, and it is quite a blast from the past. Are you interested in black people, city problems, or astrology?)

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