Apparently, 52+ regular titles isn't enough to contain all of the revivals and new takes on old characters coming out of the DC Universe these days. Today, DC Comics announced the July revival of the Golden Age title National Comics as a monthly series where each issue will spotlight a different character by a different creative team.According to Wired's GeekDad blog, the first four issues of National Comics will showcase revivals of some of DC's more obscure back catalog including Madame X (I suspect that might be a typo, and instead be Madame Xanadu), Rose and Thorn and Outsiders team-member Looker. The series will launch with Jeff Lemire and Cully Hamner's reboot of the Golden Age character Kid Eternity, perhaps best-known for his early 1990s revival by Grant Morrison and Duncan Fegredo.

In recent years, series that don't feature an ongoing lead character or characters haven't found success at either Marvel of DC, but this will be DC's third ongoing of that nature (accompanying DC Universe Presents and GI Combat) and continues DC's post-"New 52" effort to populate the reborn universe with as many different characters, concepts and exploitable intellectual property pieces as possible in a relatively short period (also seen in the recent Weird Worlds and My Greatest Adventure minis), as well as the company's longer-standing history of using such titles to try out characters in the marketplace before committing to a series.