Since the announcement of September's big reboot, most of the information we've gotten has focused on how the heroes of the DC Universe are changing. This week, however, The Source has started to shine a light on the darker side of things by introducing The New Villains, even going so far as to offer up a Twitter-style hashtag promoting them as they reveal the third issues of their new comics.

I have to admit, it's some pretty intriguing stuff. That's why today, ComicsAlliance is offering you a rundown of the new DC Universe bad guys announced so far!In the pages of Batman: The Dark Knight #3, David Finch introduces The White Rabbit. It's pretty safe to assume that this White Rabbit (who looks a bit more like a White Bunny) won't have anything to do with the Spider-Man villain of the same name. Either way, it'll be nice for Batman to have an enemy based on Alice In Wonderland that covers the ground not already held by the Carpenter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and the Mad Hatter:

Detective Comics #3 introduces us to The Dollmaker, who appears to come complete with an economy-sized sack of severed doll heads for X-Treme Creepiness. It's probably too much to hope that he turns out to be a twisted action figure customizer who attacks Batman with X-Acto knife and a deathtrap made out of Super Sculpey so that he can turn him into a passable Killer Moth, right?

In Deathstroke #3, One-Eyed Slade faces off against Legacy. I wouldn't get too attached, though; if the past decade is any indication, it won't be long before Legacy is replaced by a guy named "Silver Age Version."

In Blackhawks #3, the Hawks face off against the only villain whose name sounds more like a metal band than theirs does: Mother Machine:

Speaking of things that sound like metal bands, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #3 features the legitimately awesome sounding TITANS OF MONSTER PLANET. I'm not saying I'll be disappointed if Lemmy doesn't show up to battle Frankenstein, but if he does, this will be the best comic ever.

Meanwhile, Stormwatch #3 features a bunch of super-heroes fighting the moon. This one hasn't been tagged with #thenewvillains (and for good reason, that sucker's four and a half billion years old), but I just think it's great that there's a comic coming out where super-heroes fight the moon.

Speaking of older enemies, Demon Knights #3 features both Mordru (created 43 years ago) and a new villain, The Questing Queen. One assumes she'll be easy to spot by the glowing exclamation point hovering over her head and her desire to send the Demon to gather 10 wolf-skins.

I, Vampire #3 involves The Queen of Blood, and while I don't know anything about her, I can definitely confirm that it's a lot easier to join up with Team Edward when there's a battleaxe involved.

Animal Man #3 is set to pit Buddy Baker against The Hunters Three. Hopefully there'll be enough information to catch up, because I haven't seen Hunters or Hunters 2 yet.

And finally, the last entry in DC's #thenewvillains tag so far is Resurrection Man #3, which introduces us to The Body Doubles!

These all-new -- hey, wait a second. The Body Doubles first showed up in Resurrection Man #1, way back in 1997!

To be fair, though, with the number of people who actually read that underrated comic, they might as well be new.

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