Only Batman is eternal. Everything else ends.

DC Comics has announced what the third weekly comic series debuting this year will be, and it's going to deal with Earth 2. Earth 2: World's End will kick off in October, joining the publisher's already-running weekly series, Batman Eternal, and the weekly series The New 52: Futures End, which debuts May 3.

The writing team for the Earth 2 series will be Daniel H. Wilson, current Earth 2 writer Tom Taylor, Paul Levitz, Marguerite Bennet and Mike Johnson, and artists will include Eddy Barrows, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqeira, and Tyler Kirkham.

Here's how DC is pitching the series, according to its blog:

As Earth 2 burns under the fires and fury of Apokolips, the planet's few heroes unite to wage a futile war for survival against a dark god of unimaginable and unmatched power.

It's really interesting that two of DC's three weekly series are seemingly focusing on endings, if their titles are to be believed. The word "end" would certainly seem to indicate finite runs.


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Earth 2- Worlds End
DC Comics



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