Magnus Robot Fighter, Doctor Spektor, and Turok began as the stars of Gold Key Comics, a company that no longer exists. In the 1990s, some of them found a home at the original Valiant Comics, but now they're published by Dynamite. And they're getting a shot in the arm, courtesy of The Sovereigns #0, a 48-page one-shot coming out in April that Dynamite has been teasing over the past couple of days. Priced at only $1, the book comes from creators Ray Fawkes, Johnny Desjardins, Aubrey Sitterson, Chuck Wendig, and Kyle Higgins.

The idea is that the Sovereigns are a superteam that exists across time, which it would have to if it's going to include the ancient Turok and the futuristic Magnus. So far, Dynamite hasn't announced exactly what's coming after the one-shot, but from what has been revealed, it sounds like Fawkes may be writing a Sovereigns ongoing, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Wendig on a Turok book, Higgins on Magnus, and Sitterson on Spektor.

As revealed in the character designs above, the shared universe of characters --- and possibly the team --- includes new versions of Gold Key heroes Doctor Solar, Tragg and Lorn (of Tragg And The Sky Gods), Dagar the Invincible, and The Mighty Samson. Many of the characters were sword-and-sorcery heroes rather than superheroes.

The Sovereigns #0 features two covers by Stephen Segovia, as well as one by Desjardins and one by Philip Tan.


Cover by Stephen Segovia
Variant Cover by Johnny Desjardins
Variant Cover by Stephen Segovia
Variant Cover by Philip Tan


Here's the official word from Dynamite:

The Sovereigns #0 is the beginning of an epic tale that will change everything you know about some of comicdom's greatest and longest-tenured heroes! Apart, they've saved countless lives in hundreds of world-shattering conflicts. Together, they form a team that has protected the world in the past, present and future. Now, they will be reunited one last time to face a threat that will forever change their legacy and bring them face to face with their final destiny!Writer Ray Fawkes says, "The Sovereigns is the story of all the legendary Gold Key characters at the apex of their careers as heroes -- and at their moment of greatest crisis. It all begins and ends with Turok, King of the Lost Valley. It turns out his life and his kingdom are more important to the survival of the world than everybody knew.""Sovereigns is everything I love about comics," says Senior Editor Matt Idelson. "A huge, cosmic threat; heroes with incredible humanity yet differing from one another through their all-to-human quirks; and telling a story that both honors the rich history of some truly great characters while building something that first-time readers can enjoy is incredibly satisfying for me. Ray and Johnny are doing work you're destined to slobber over."
"When we first launched the Gold Key characters at Dynamite, we brought together some of the most talented writers and artists in the industry to set our interpretations apart," says Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "Now with The Sovereigns, we have done it again, to introduce something unlike anything that has ever come before.  We are working with 4 incredible writers that we have never worked with before to build this new world, and have such incredible faith in the series that we're launching it at the Introductory Price of $1.00 for 48 pages to ensure we can get the series into the most hands possible via retailers to fans!"