Yesterday, Dynamite Entertainment released a teaser image of a robot arm splayed against a stone floor, with no information other than it was part of a larger event to do with a group known as The Sovereigns. Today, another teaser has dropped that should give us more of a clue, but honestly raises more questions than it answers.

Today's image features a skull garbed in bearskin hood, and what looks to be claws on its necklace, and instead of "Who Are The Sovereigns" the teaser now states, "From Ruins Come The Sovereigns." Where yesterday's teaser stated "All things end", today's just as ominously reads, "Nothing lasts forever."

The release from Dynamite does mention the event has a number of creators involved, specifically four writers, but it only offers up more teasers as to who that might be. Apparently there will be "[one] from Star Wars, one from Hasbro, one from DC and one who is Mighty," but trying to narrow down the candidates is no small task. Jason Aaron immediately comes to mind for his work on both Star Wars and The Mighty Thor, but he seems somewhat busy these days.

The general tone of the teasers leans towards post-apocalyptic, but there's a disconnect between the sci-fi nature of yesterday's robot (or cyborg) arm and today's more grounded and human teaser.  At this point The Sovereigns could be any number of things; licensed, creator-owned, reboot, revival, etc. --- but until Dynamite release more information, we'll just keep wildly speculating about what the event could be.


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