A major event is coming to Dynamite Comics, and as of today we only have one teaser image to clue us in. The image is of a forearm that appears to belong to a robot, against the ground (or possibly a stone wall), with the phrase "All things end..." at the top and "Who are The Sovereigns?" at the bottom, along with the abbreviated date of April 5, 2017.

The arm doesn't look like it's in great shape, and in fact it seems to have hit the rock face hard enough to leave cracks and send bits of debris flying, so my guess is that this arm belong to who/what is ending, rather than to one of "the Sovereigns." In fact, the arm appears to be cracked open, so you can see the cables and mechanisms within it. Actually, it's possible this arm is designed to be open, sort of like Imperator Furiosa's arm in Mad Max: Fury Road, but the first thing it made me think of is Luke Skywalker's arm in Return of the Jedi, when it gets blasted open so you can see the inner workings, reminding Luke that he's no longer entirely human. But given the design and shape of this particular robotic limb, my guess is that it belongs to a whole robot, rather than serving as a prosthetic for a human-shaped person.

So if the robot is one of the things that ends, who are the Sovereigns? We don't have much clue about that. "Sovereign" means "ruler," so if there are several of them and they're coming to bring about an end, my first thought is of something like Jack Kirby's Celestials from Marvel Comics, arriving to bring judgment upon the world. But until we get more than this teaser, this is all speculation of course. For now, We'll have to keep an eye on Dynamite and see what they reveal between now and April 5.


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