December's going to be a big month for Green Lantern toys. Still mostly fresh from this summer's Green Lantern film, a lot of action figures from both the movie and comic book continuities should be on the shelves. For those seeking a break from what's sure to be about 10,000 Hal Jordan variations, DC Direct's got you covered with its fifth Green Lantern line. From left to right we can see Soranix Natu, Blue Lantern Brother Warth, modern Guy Gardner and a silhouetted fellow. The image obscures the look of the fourth figure in the wave, but if you're curious, its identity can be found after the jump.According to solicitation info, the guy on the right is Sinestro. I'm not sure why he's blacked-out at the moment, but there's always a chance he could undergo color-change in the coming months. Dude's been green, yellow, white -- it stands to reason an incarnation that hasn't popped up in the comics yet could be coming fans' way. Or maybe DC Direct just hasn't finished the sculpt? (I kid, I kid).

As usual, the figs will come stocked with bases and character-specific accessories. Brother Warth may come with the action feature of never forgetting, but it's unclear from the promo image.

See the full-sized teaser for series five below:

[Via Toynewsi]