DC Direct's take on the Jim Lee designed Justice League continues its rollout in August, with the Flash and a Parademon action figures joining to-be-released versions of Batman, Green Lantern and Aquaman in a line set to eventually include the entirety of the New 52's flagship team. The Flash's latest 6.75" sculpt sports a few more costume details than previously-seen prototypes, along with a more prominent smirk. Meanwhile, the 7.5" Parademon comes decked out in some appropriately bulky armor. It's still kind of unclear what the new Parademon's are exactly -- but the Justice League's... let's say, indiscriminate... fighting tactics they've employed against the monsters suggest they're robots? Whatever the case, this figure doesn't seem to come with easily re-attachable limbs or a face that will accommodate a spear being run through it, so either be gentle or buy two if you plan on picking one up when they arrive in stores later this summer. See larger images of the Flash and a Parademon from DC Direct's Justice League line after the jump.

Early Flash from NYCC

[Via Toynewsi]

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