Yesterday, I was so busy fawning over the action figure offerings in DC Direct's August 2010 solicitations that I completely overlooked something tremendous: power rings.

So, here's the scoop. DC Direct is providing equal representation for one Roy G. Biv in their upcoming "Blackest Night" Power Ring Spectrum Set, with an extra ring offered in the name of the Black Lanterns. Totally new and unique, right?

Okay, these rings are a bit familiar. If you've been buying "Blackest Night" and related tie-ins from DC Comics, your local comic book store should be providing you with free rings. But those little guys have nothing on the DC Direct versions, which instantly light up when slid on your finger thanks to a long-lasting LED bulb.

The Power Ring Spectrum Set also has much more detail than the free versions currently available in comic shops. That's the least that DC Direct could do if the company is charging $59.99 for the set of eight rings. Still, when you consider the fact that you could master the powers of the full color spectrum for barely $60.00*, the cost might be well worth it.

[Link via AFI]

* = These rings don't really give you any powers -- except for the all-too-important power of fashion, of course!

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