DC's headed (back) to battlefield conflicts this September with the reintroduction of several classic war titles in the form of one-shots helmed by fan-favorite creators. Among the battle-imbued books will be "Weird War Tales" by Ivan Brandon and Darwyn Cooke, "Our Fighting Forces" by B. Clay Moore and Chad Hardin, a relaunch of "Our Army at War," "Star-Spangled War Stories" by William Tucci and Justiniano and "G.I. War Stories" by Matt Sturges and Phil Winslade.

DC's The Source is sporting two new cover images to tease the line's autumn rollout. Geof Darrow's got a very haunted-looking tank looking lively on the left, while Darwyn Cooke's brushed up a variety of skeleton soldiers from across history on the right. Artists Mark Schultz, Joe Kubert and Brian Bolland will also reportedly be on cover duty within the war book line.

The book's haven't been officially assigned specific release dates just yet, but I'd assume fans will know well before Labor Day rolls around. With summer just around the corner, it's just as well not to look that far ahead.[Via The Source]

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