With DC's "Brightest Day" rapidly approaching, it makes sense that the publisher may tread last season's fertile promotional giveaway ground with some sort of collectible item. Luckily for fans, it more than seems logical - it's a veritable Flash fact!

The Source has revealed that fans will soon be able to access Flash's famous, costume-carrying ring, along with a revitalized Green Lantern finger ornament as part of the DC's upcoming release of "The Flash" #1 on April 14 and "Green Lantern" #53 on April 21. To take part, fans need only shop at participating retailers that have ordered at least ten copies of the aforementioned titles.

Chances are, if your shop of choice stocked the various lantern corps rings available over the past few months, they'll have these precious pieces of plastic at the ready as well. Still, it never hurts to ask, especially if you plan on cosplaying as one of the various Flashes at one of this spring/summer's upcoming conventions. Just don't get your hopes up about the Flash ring carrying a full-fledged speedster suit.

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