When DC Rebirth was announced, it promised to bring back a sense of levity and community that had been missing from the DC Universe since the shift to the New 52 --- and there's nothing like a holiday special to lighten the mood and remind people of the communal relationships between superheroes, so that's what we're getting this holiday season!

DC Comics hasn't published a universe-wide holiday special since 2010, but this year the publisher is bringing the tradition back with a new giant-sized anthology featuring Steve Orlando, James Tynion IVPaul Dini and more, and the return of everyone's favorite investigative primate, Detective Chimp!

DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1 promises to cover multiple facets of the holiday season, including a Batwoman story set at Chanukah, a Flash story set at Christmas, and a Constantine/Wonder Woman story set during the former's annual pagan party. Given that it's a DC anthology comic coming out in 2016, you could probably predict that there's also going to be a cameo-laden Harley Quinn story that serves as a bridging sequence between the stories.

Previous DC Holiday anthologies have given us stories featuring Santa Claus delivering coal to Darkseid, and the ghost of Pre-Crisis Supergirl helping Deadman appreciate Christmas, so a new special will hopefully give a new generation of creators the chance to cut loose and get a bit bonkers around the holidays.

The less said about that time Lobo killed Santa Claus the better.

NOTE: Based on information provided by DC, an earlier version of this article stated that one of the stories in the special featured Huntress. This has now been corrected to say that the story stars Batwoman, not Huntress

Check out the full press release from DC below:


96-Page Holiday One-Shot to Feature a Host of Top Talent and Stories for the Holiday Season -

And Detective Chimp!

REBIRTH catches the holiday spirit on December 14 with the DC REBIRTH HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1!

This 96-page Prestige Format comic features DC’s biggest and brightest heroes celebrating the holiday season! This special one-shot issue features some of the best writers and artists from DC’s talent roster: James Tynion IV (DETECTIVE COMICS), Steve Orlando (SUPERGIRL), Vita Ayala (SUICIDE SQUAD: MOST WANTED), Cullen Bunn, Tim Seeley (NIGHTWING), James Asmus, Heath Corson (BIZARRO), Gustavo Duarte, Dustin Nguyen and others!

Don’t miss a Chanukah crisis for Batwoman, a Flash family Christmas, Wonder Woman crashing John Constantine’s hellblazing pagan party and more – and in a must read story, the simian sleuth Detective Chimp spreads his own unique brand of holiday cheer! And New York Times bestselling writer Paul Dini (DARK NIGHT: A TRUE BATMAN STORY) crafts a Harley Quinn holiday tale featuring DCU guests that weaves together all of these stories in the weirdest way possible.
Celebrate the holidays with some of your favorite DC Universe characters this December 14 when the DC REBIRTH HOLIDAY SPECIAL hits your local comic book store!

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