Guys, you might want to sit down for this one, because I have just received some huge news: Did you know that DC is relaunching their entire line with all-new #1 titles this September?!

You did? Okay, well what about the shocking news that the new Justice League title will be written by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee? Or that their new titles will be available as same-day digital releases? This is big news, people! What? Announced a month ago? Huh. Well, in that case, feel free to stand back up while you watch a video released by DC in which head honchos Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Eddie Berganza and Bob Harras, along with upcoming Action Comics writer Grant Morrison, discuss their plans for what they call "The Mother of All Events!" Catch the entire video after the jump!

Okay, okay, so maybe saying that this video didn't contain any new information was a bit of an exaggeration. I mean, I've been pretty plugged in to reboot news, but I had no idea that DC had managed to secure the rights to Dell's classic super-hero Dracula in order to bring an updated, sexy version of Fleeta to the Red Lantern Corps.

Also, it's worth noting that Dan DiDio refers to "52 great artists and 52 great writers," which is a pretty strange way to announce that Scott Lobdell has the ability to split into three different people.

Still, it does raise the question of just who this video is for and what it's supposed to accomplish. Even if the goal is to keep the momentum of the buzz surrounding the reboot going now that the books have actually been solicited, it's hard to work up a lot of excitement about stuff that's already been announced, especially when it's being delivered by people who talk more about "building on those brands" than why those brands actually make good comics.

That's what makes Morrison's appearance such a bright spot.

While everyone else in the video is telling you about how you can jump on and start "collecting" these comics and presenting them in new ways, Morrison's talking about why you should read them and thinking about the characters in new ways. In a video where everyone seems focused on the business aspects -- and to be fair, they should be -- it's refreshing to see a guy who's so unabashedly excited about the very idea of Superman that he can't even describe him without laughing.

While I'm not disputing that the DC relaunch is a momentous event -- it is, and there's nobody at ComicsAlliance who isn't keenly curious about how it's all going to shake out -- there's a joy to Morrison's brief appearance that seems absent in everyone else's. They come off like salesmen pitching a product, he seems like a guy excited about storytelling. And that's what makes me excited about comics.

They probably should've used the Superman comic that he's actually writing for the background, though.

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