In the mid-eighties, DC Comics tried a bizarre experiment known as the DC Challenge, a story told by twelve different creative teams over twelve comics, with the catch being that each issue would end on a cliffhanger that the next team would have to get themselves out of. Announced at Emerald City Comic Con, DC is reviving the series in the form of Kamandi Challenge, thirteen creative teams over twelve issues telling one complete story with the classic Jack Kirby character, Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth.

The original DC Challenge featured the likes of Elliot S! Maggin, Mike W. Barr, Dave Gibbons, Gene Colan and so many more legendary creators. and featured the additional caveat that they could use any DC Comics characters, except ones they were currently working with elsewhere. The series culminated in a jam-packed final issue which was divided among six of the previous creative teams.

Kamandi Challenge seems to be a bit more focused, centering around a single character, but who knows how bonkers it can get over the course of year. Once again, DC has assembled a murderer's row of talent to drive the story through all the twists and turns you can expect from such an experiment.

The full list of creative teams, via CBR, is

If you’re unfamiliar with Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth, he was created by Jack Kirby in the early seventies and his adventures take place in the future after the Earth has been ravaged by a “great disaster”. His world is now populated by human-animal hybrids such as Dr. Canus and Prince Tuftan, who are a dog-man and a tiger-man respectively.

While there’s no date announced for Kamandi Challenge just yet, there should hopefully be more announcements in the near future.


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