After years of pairing its animated features starring A-list characters with shorts showcasing arguably lesser-known quantities, Warner Home Video is pulling a Pixar and packaging its less-lengthy tales into the "DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection" on November 9.

Not to shortchange those who've already picked up the previously released "The Spectre," "Jonah Hex" and "Green Arrow shorts," the collection will include an all-new fourth short starring Captain Marvel.

"Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam" will pit the Man of Steel and the Big Red Cheese against Shazam's first, typically unhinged, champion. At 22 minutes, it's longer than the previous shorts, which will see some slight expansion for a release that clocks in at just longer than an hour.Wired has questioned whether an essentially hour-long release is worth the price of admission, so hopefully bonus features will help fill out a worthwhile watch. I personally dug the first three shorts and screen shots of Captain M and Black Adam seem up to par with those. With any luck the collection will at least be worthy of a rental when it drops in November.

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