Serving as something of a bump up from the Target-exclusive 5.25" Justice League action figures, Mattel's new Four Horsemen-sculpted DC Total Heroes action figures are set to arrive in January. Standing at 6" tall, the line's first four figures include New 52-ish Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Sinestro figures that will retail for around $10 a piece. The toys sport a range of articulation not unlike the less cartoony DC Universe toy line and come packed with accessories that may or may not be yellow hockey sticks.

Though Supes, Batman, GL and Sinestro were displayed alongside Flash and Aquaman at Mattel's booth during SDCC, it appears like their figures will debut later on in 2014 as part of a series planned to eventually be 10 figures strong.

There's also the matter of the fan-voted Batman Beyond and MattyCollector-exclusive $20 deluxe Black Manta (with swappable heads and hands) set to join the line in the fall of next year.

You can see the first four DC Total Heroes action figures below.



[Via BBTS]