It looks like the helmet of Nabu is about to factor heavily into DC Universe Online - that is, if you choose to pick up the title's fifth DLC pack, "Hand of Fate." Centering around none other than DC's resident mystic Doctor Fate as his foe Felix Faust (both of whom will be available in Legends PvP mode), the DLC seems to be aimed at giving players a lot more to do with a new group of missions called Operations, 60 new side missions and new utility belt attachments.The DLC's highest profile offering is the Operations group mission gameplay. DCUO is telling players to think of the six upcoming Operations (three for heroes, three for villains) "as Raids or Alerts that can be set in the open-world," although far more varied in locations throughout Gotham City and Metropolis.

On the side mission front, DCUO says the 60 new experiences "are similar to the Level 1-30 content that a lot of our players really enjoyed and have been asking for again" and will bolster the game with more narrative. Hopefully none of them involve dusting Doctor Fate's tower.

Unlike some of the items that've been added since the DCUO launch, the utility belt seems like one of the most iconic considering Batman has popularized the costume staple over the years. The DLC will offer a variety of belts, which will offer 2-4 compartments with varying storage capabilities for items, consumables, toys and trinkets. Compared to Batman's these options seem a little lacking. Players can only hope a Liefeldian option will be added down the road to maximize carrying potential.

[Via DCUO]

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