Teased earlier this year as part of the fifth anniversary celebration for DC Universe Online, the Xbox One version of the DC Comics MMO is now available. The free-to-play massive multiplayer online RPG has been a PlayStation and PC exclusive since its launch in 2011, but today the entire DCU Online experience finally opens its doors to Xbox fans. Daybreak Games has been consistently releasing content for the MMO over the past five years, and Xbox players won't miss out on any of it. Every last add-on and expansion (known as episodes in DCUO) will be available from the start, provided of course you're leveled up enough to enjoy the content.

To commemorate the launch of DCUO on Xbox One (and Daybreak Games' first Xbox title), a few exclusive items will be offered to first time players. The Powered-Up cape, the Powered-Up emblem and the Vapor Aura will be given free to anyone creating a new hero or villain on the Xbox One. Without being able to look at the character creation though, it's a little hard to know just what these three items are and what benefits they'll offer. Still, more options for costuming your character are certainly appreciated, especially considering the minimal offerings that were available back when DCUO launched on PlayStation 3 and PC way back when.

While you will be able to enjoy a lot of content in DC Universe Online for free, there is a lot of content that was offered post launch that requires either a membership or an outright purchase to play. Events like Blackest Night, or tie-ins inspired by Legends of Tomorrow and the DC Bombshells aren't free, though they do require you to have played a substantial amount of the core free game to be leveled up enough to even qualify to play. There are a number of different options, including buying specific episode packs or subscribing on a monthly/yearly basis, so you can work out a way to enjoy this content with your friends/guild.

There won't be any cross-platform play between the PlayStation/PC or Xbox, so if you are interested in playing, make sure you do have some friends willing to be part of your DIY Justice League. DCU Online does feature a bit of content you can play on your own, but is truly designed around team-based play for larger scale battles, like a standard MMO.

DCU Online does feature some PvP action that lets you play as familiar characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and more, but it's a separate, special game mode. The primary focus is allowing you to play as your own unique character in this alternate dimension of the DC Universe. The good thing about the Xbox One getting a fresh start with this game is there aren't already a million names taken, so you can ostensibly be who you want to be provided you get into the game early enough this weekend.

You can download DC Universe Online now, and servers will be open to start playing at 12PM EST.

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