After a few months of teases, DC Universe Online has illuminated its plans for new content in the coming year. A "War of the Light" DLC trilogy is set to kick off in early 2014 with a debut entry centering around Red Lantern-ly rage.

The first part of the "War of the Light" storyline introduces players to a new version of Metropolis (which exists separately from the original), chock full of mysterious new emotional spectrum-specific "prismatic mists." These mists, of course, affect the game's heroes, villains and civilians, leading the Green Lantern and other Color Corps to come investigate, resulting in a War of the Light between factions. Mogo and Ranx even show up to decorate the skyline. The war will apparently rage hard enough to warrant new 4 and 8-person Operations and new Green, Yellow/Sinestro and Red Lantern items complete with proper Corps logos on them.

The definitive power of part 1 will be Red Lantern rage. Both heroes and villains will be able to equip a red power ring and use all of its requisite blood-puking abilities with all the flair tank/damage powers provide. DCUO specifically mentions that Red Lanterns can use a new "Rage Crash" mechanic that puts them in a rage state where all damage taken is instantly healed. Unfortunately, it eventually catches up to players once they've exhausted their anger.

Red isn't the only color players will see in the first WoL DLC pack, though. On top of Red Lantern leader Atrocitus joining the playable character ranks in DCUO's Legends PvP mode, Blue Lantern leader Saint Walker will also join the fray with protective abilities and other moves rendered in "kata style" animation.

DCUO hasn't announced how much the first War of the Light DLC or its subsequent chapters will cost yet, but they'll likely go for the usual $9.99 like previous releases do.


DCUO The War of the Light 1
DCUO The War of the Light 2
DCUO The War of the Light 3



[Via DCUO]

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