It's been five years since Chemo dropped in on Nightwing's old Blüdhaven stomping grounds in Infinite Crisis #4, but real estate values have never really recovered. It's so bad that even the classicized version of the city that exists in DC Universe Online reflects a wasteland replete with toxins enow that only mutants call it home. The days of its irradiated madness could be numbered, however, provided DCUO players complete the multiplayer Group Content Alert in the city and rid it of Chemo's ongoing influence once and for all when the game hits this Tuesday on the PlayStation3 and PC.In DCUO's latest group alert profile, Game Director Chris Cao lays out how teams will have to battle mutant hordes, remove continuously polluting infrastructure and battle Chemo himself as he's cleansed and detoxified by hazmat troops.

It's unknown whether successfully completing this group alert will restore the city to its pre-Chemo'ed state or simply make it less miserable for the mutants living there, but with any luck a certain Command D bunker will make an appearance in the game.

Preview the upcoming group alert in Blüdhaven below:

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