As tyrannical reigns go, Brainiac's had a solid run over the past year+ in Sony's DC Universe Online MMO. The evil alien artificial intelligence stole superpowers, bottled cities, and caused all kinds of headaches for heroes and villains alike. According to an interview with DCUO creative director Jens Andersen at PC Gamer, however, Brainiac's brand of green-headed terror is about to come to an end.Full details about the content pack (release date and price, principally) are still forthcoming, but Andersen noted that Brainiac's final stand will take place on Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Turns out Brainiac's after The Flame of Change, which was held in Tartarus, the underworld of Greek myth. Players will be tasked with stopping the otherwise successful Brainiac from using the power to conquer the DC Multiverse, although the manipulations of Future Lex Luthor will complicated matters. Fortunately another recognizable face from the future will also be on hand to shape the storyline.

Though the upcoming content pack will give players an opportunity to close a chapter of the game's initial arc, defeating Brainiac won't undo the damage he's caused to the DCUO.

"Once Brainiac's initial plans are thwarted in the raid, he is hamstrung, but not completely defeated," Andersen told PC Gamer, "He will continue to try and regain control of the situation to continue his plan to assimilate the multiverse. Now the pressure is on for him to do that before Future Luthor takes his place. He's relentless after all. So the bottles and the actions of the Union around them will always be something players can take part in-an epic battle to save the Earth."

You can check out a bigger teaser image of Brainiac battling on Themyscira below:

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[Via PC Gamer]

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